Five on Friday – 5 Ways I’m a Cheapskate

I have to laugh at myself on some of these things, but I just hate to spend money when I don’t have to! I don’t have photos for today, so you’ll have to make due with my amazing artistic abilities.

1. My dogs will gobble down their food, and then end up barfing or choking. I could have bought “slow feed” dog bowls at $8+ each, but instead I just placed two large rocks in each bowl for them to have to eat around. Problem 100% solved.

2. I wash Ziploc bags to reuse them.

3. I don’t buy hides for my snakes. I just cut a hole in a cardboard box. They don’t know the difference, and I save $10 per snake.

4. I do not have pretty Tupperware to store leftovers. I reuse empty butter/cool whip/sour cream containers. I don’t label the leftovers. This results in some, er, interesting surprises. Someday I’d like to have nice glass storage containers.

5. I refuse to spend money on a manicure or pedicure when I can paint my own damn nails for 5% of the cost and half as well.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    What a smart idea re: big rock in food bowl. My last foster was always racing the clock to eat as quickly as possible… and then would lift the bowl and take it with him to another area of the apartment. If you can think of a cheap solution for this problem, too, I’m all ears :)

    I splurge for a manicure every now and then… but that’s just because my nails never come out looking nearly as pretty! Love this list.

    • says:

      The cheap solution would be picking up the food bowl after he’s done eating. But let’s be honest – ain’t nobody got time for that!

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