The $1 stove cleaner

Use baking soda to clean grease via

Stoves get gross. If you cook, you know this. (If your idea of cooking is talking into a speaker in the drive-thru, you’re probably not my target audience ;)

My stove was gross. I was getting very discouraged. I had to find something that would clean this damn stove! I’d tried just about every commercial cleanser in the past billed as a “stove cleaner,” and nothing really worked. I never understood it. Weren’t these products designed to do just that? They claimed to, so why didn’t they work? The answer is actually very simple: Because they lacked the ability to scour.

Enter: Baking Soda. I pay $1 for a big box of it at Kmart.  I don’t mix it with anything except water. A paper towel, sponge, or rag dipped into a baking soda paste will clean… well, what won’t it clean?

Look, I see a lot of ideas for making your own cleansers. I’ve tried a lot of them. Rubbing alcohol is said to remove grease (it doesn’t). Hydrogen peroxide is said to bleach (didn’t work for me). Lemon juice supposedly bleaches as well, but that also didn’t work for me (so far, only bleach has actually bleached anything). Vinegar is rumored to be the answer to all your prayers. While all of these absolutely serve many different purposes and I use them to clean, here’s the truth: They do not scour, and they will not remove grease. 

Enough blabbing though – here’s the photo proof I know you’re waiting for.

Stove handle gross? (I can see you nodding your head) Baking soda to the rescue!

Use baking soda to clean grease via

Disgusting hood? It’s cool – Arm & Hammer’s got your back!

Use baking soda to clean grease via

I continue to be amazed at how much baking soda can do. Is a little “elbow grease” required? Sure, but isn’t it worth it to know you are getting your stove clean without any odor or unsafe chemicals & for  1/4 the cost of commercial cleansers?

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  1. Easy Life Meal & Party Planning says:

    I went through the exact same thing and was so frustrated and just like you in a last ditch effort I tried baking soda and it really made a difference! I eve used it on the inside glass door and it worked. Of course I had to use glass cleaner afterwards but it really works!

    • says:

      I was honestly surprised, because I’d had mixed results cleaning with baking soda. I think I wasn’t getting it “pasty” enough before for it to actually work. I was so psyched when my stove was actually white again!

    • says:

      You’ll be happy that you did! I promise! If it doesn’t work, let me know. I’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas with you :)

  2. DiamondDaisha says:

    Baking soda is a miracle cleanse. I use it on burnt pots and pans (make a paste with water and let it sit a while); in the dish water (cuts grease and makes water more soapy); and in the laundry. I love the stuff!

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