I’m going to be scarce as I move some posts from this blog to my new one, All The V’s (there’s like literally nothing there yet, but you should go ahead and bookmark it or subscribe via email or whatever). My Twitter won’t change; I will use my current account for both blogs. I will be doing away with my Facebook page shortly so no reason to look for a link to like it; there won’t be one. I’m not sure yet for my other social media accounts like Pinterest and G+. 

This blog isn’t going anywhere, I’m just going to focus on health, wellness, organic food/living, and recipes on this one, like I’d originally intended. All The V’s will be a personal/lifestyle blog. It’s where you’ll find my makeup reviews, life updates, etc. Stuff that doesn’t fit with the theme of Food For Your Cell. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on both blogs, but totally cool if you find that one or the other is more to your liking :)

Because this domain is about to expire, my new hosting company won’t let me transfer it right now. There may be some time when this site isn’t up at all, which would happen sometime in the next… two weeks, I think.