Vinegar DOES NOT kill weeds.

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Can we please put this myth to it’s death already? I’ve tried just about every recipe out there for vinegar weed killer and ABSOLUTELY NONE WORKED. At all.

What happens when you pour vinegar onto a weed? For most plants, the vinegar is so acidic that it damages the green leafy part of the plant. In a few hours to a day, the plant withers and the leaves go brown. It certainly looks like vinegar has done the job.

If you re-read the above sentence you will notice that it only talks about the green leafy part of the plant. What about the plant below ground? Turns out that vinegar has almost no affect on the root system. When vinegar reaches soil level it is quickly neutralized so that it is no longer acidic. The acetic acid in vinegar is converted to harmless acetate salts which have little effect on the weed.

The weed just regrows and in a week or so, the weed is back.